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Ultimo Titanium 8 - Morel Ultimo TI 804 8" 4-Ohm 800 Watt Subwoofer

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Special Price $949.99

Retail: $999.99

Ultimo Titanium 8 - Morel Ultimo TI 804 8" 4-Ohm 800 Watt Subwoofer

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Powerful. Dynamic. Musical. Three simple words which perfectly describe the Ultimo Titanium. The Ultimo Titanium was engineered to reproduce bass so musically accurate that it would have no equal.

Ultimo Titanium subwoofers are equipped with Morel’s most advanced technology derived from its Hi-Fi bass drivers. At their core lies the EVC motor design with an extremely large 5.1” (130mm) Hexatech™ aluminum voice coil attached to a titanium voice coil former – the first of its kind in car audio. The massive magnet creates unparalleled efficiency - nearly 90% as opposed to 60% on comparable systems - while the giant voice coil moves the speaker cone with unmatched precision. Exceptionally stiff and lightweight, the titanium improves driver dynamics for even quicker transient response. An additional copper magnet cap stabilizes the magnetic field while increasing the linear response and reducing distortion.

The subwoofer is topped off with a beautiful two-layer woven carbon fiber and paper composite cone. Extremely stiff and highly damped, it moves air with precision and authority, without experiencing breakup or distortion.

The culmination of Morel’s technological advancements resulted in the Ultimo Titanium. It’s simply the most dynamic car audio subwoofer Morel has engineered, providing the highest resolution in bass reproduction. It’s powerful. It’s dynamic. And it’s a musical delight.



General Data Ultimo Titanium 8
Nominal Impedance   4 Ohm
Overall Dimensions DxH 222mm (8.74") x 120 mm (4.72")
Power Handling RMS P 800W
Transient Power 10ms   3000W
Sensitivity 2.83Vrms/1M   83.7dB
Sensitivity 1W/1M   83.5dB
Frequency Response   20-900 Hz
Cone Material   Carbon-fiber laminated paper
Net Weight   6.1 Kg (13.44 lb)
Driver displacement   2.0 Lit (0.07 cu.ft)
Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters -with 5 inch copper sleeve
Voice Coil Diameter   130mm (5.1")
Voice Coil Height   37mm (1.45")
Voice Coil Former   Titanium
Voice coil wire   Hexatech Aluminum
Number of layers   2
Max. Linear excursion X ±12.5 mm (0.5")(Each way)
Magnet system type   Double magnet vented
HE-Magentic gap height HE 12mm (0.5")
B flux density BXL 0.64 T
BL product BXL 13.0 T·M
Electric Data
Nominal Impedance Z 4.0 Ohm
DC Resistance RE 3.7 Ohm
Voice Coil Inductance@ 1KHz LBM 0.14mH
T-S Parameters
Suspension Compliance CMS 0.17 mm/N
Mechanical Q Factor QMS 4.31
Electrical Q Factor QES 0.61
Total Q Factor QTS 0.53
Mechanical Resistance RMS 5.26 N·S/M
Moving Mass MMS 107 g
Resonant Frequency FS 39 Hz
Eq. Cas Air Load (liters) VAS 16 Lit (0.56 cu.ft)
Effective Piston Area SD 0.0254 m2


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