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HCE-C200R - Alpine Rear View Camera

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Special Price $419.99

Retail: $549.99

HCE-C200R - Alpine Rear View Camera

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HCE-C200R Rear-view Camera System with Multi-view is a stand-alone system that comes with a camera, a source/view switcher and a camera image processing module. When used with an Alpine in-dash system, the camera is automatically triggered and the rear view is displayed on-screen when the vehicle is placed in reverse.

Multiple Views to Assist You

The HCE-C200R can display what is behind the vehicle in a variety of views: Normal Rear View (shows objects directly behind the vehicle); Wide Rear View (shows a wider field of vision behind the vehicle); Ground Rear View (shows how close objects are to the rear of the vehicle); and Split Rear View (shows the back left and right corners of the vehicle on a split screen).

The Normal Rear and Ground Rear views are particularly helpful for towing purposes. Using the Normal Rear View, the driver can see the trailer ball at the bottom of the screen, allowing for straight back-up to the trailer. The driver could then use the Ground Rear View to see how close the trailer hitch is to the trailer, allowing for perfect alignment for a straight connection. The HCE-C200R camera is also helpful for verifying the trailer connection during towing. 


  • View Type     Rear-View
  • Night Vision     Yes
  • Mounting Type     Flush Mount
  • Adjustable Tilt     Yes
  • Color Camera     Yes
  • Weather-Proof     No
  • Wide-Angle     Yes

HCE C200R HCEC200R HCE-C200R  - Alpine Rear View Camera

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