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CDT Audio Unity 8.0 - 2" Midrange Speakers

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Special Price $299.99

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CDT Audio Unity 8.0 -  2" Midrange Speakers

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CDT Audio | Unity 8.0 - Unmistakably Transparent

CDT Audio is proud to introduce the Unity8.0 - a true breakthrough metal point-source unity speaker. Clearer than a bell and unmistakably transparent, this long sought after audio reproduction ideal has been achieved finally by craftsmanship above and beyond the call of duty.

A superior powerful neodymium ring magnet structure enables this magnificently crafted cast aluminum alloy “basket” to house the supple, silent rubber surround, precisely containing and controlling all vibratory movements. New advances in metallurgy and processing were necessary to enable this level of performance.
This unique unity driver has the ability to produce all of the sound output, coming from a virtually ideal point-source, producing waves of sound that emanate naturaly into your three dimensional space. The effect creates lifelike sound never before possible. Your system will never sound more lifelike.

Nowave interference or frequency cancellations occur in the Unity 8.0 listening window like they do with multiple-driver systems and crossover electronics. The unique eight-octave range of the Unity8.0 driver enables normal spacing to the woofer with no interference or cancellations, just marvelous pure sound throughout the listening range. Unity8.0 unity driver creates a sound reproduction quality that is unprecedented in home or auto sound systems.
Breathtaking clarity from CDT Audio. Clarity, definition, and transparency like you’ve never had before..

Technical specs and contents

Diaphragm: Aluminum
Surround: Rubber
Basket: Die cast
Magnet: Ring Neodymium
Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 84.9 dB
Frequency response: 200Hz-33kHz
Resonant frequency: 200Hz
Voice coil: 20.4mm Cooper
Power: HPF 300Hz 150Watt
Frame diameter: 2 14/16” (73mm)
Mounting hole: 2 ¼” (57mm)
Mounting depth: 1 ¼”(30mm)
Center to center diameter mounting screw holes: 2 10/16”
Diameter of screw holes: 3/16”
Flange thickness: 1/8”

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