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Sundown Audio X-18 V.3 D2 18" 2000W RMS Dual 2-Ohm XV3 Series Subwoofer

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Special Price $808.13

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Sundown Audio X-18 V.3 D2 18" 2000W RMS Dual 2-Ohm XV3 Series Subwoofer

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Sundown Audio X-18 V.3 D2 18" 2000W RMS XV3 Series Subwoofer

The X V.3 series is the first driver in Sundown's woofer line-up to offer Their "ultra high excursion" suspension and frame designs. The 10, 12, and 15" models feature our custom tooled and patented frames. They mate these new platforms to a triple stacked 190mm diameter motor structure featuring a hyper-extended pole and extreme clearances (allowing up to 4" p-p travel before mechanical bottom). This motor powers a 3" diameter 4-layer CCAW coil wound on a thick, black aluminum former to incredible levels of excursion.

The X V.3 series was designed from the ground-up to become the new standard in the low-frequency / small ported box subwoofer category in this price range.

The X V.3 series is really a different kind of woofer due to it's incredibly linear suspension. They are designed for the LOWEST level of bass extension possible while maintaining low levels of distortion. They are NOT a peaky SPL woofer -- these are true low distortion, high excursion bass transducers!

Due to the extremely low level of suspension induced distortion the typical "punchy" upper-bass peak in the 40s-60s Hz range that occurs with traditional woofers when pushed to high excursion does not occur. This "punch" is caused by a tightening of the suspension over stroke leading to increased FS and Qts figures -- in other words it is distortion. In simpler terms -- the X series frequency response does not change much over it's full excursion range provided a consistant and flat response at any volume level. Once you experience and re-listen to all of your favorite music on a low distortion driver you are unlikely to go back!

Product Features:

Sundown Audio X-18 V.3 D2 18" 2000W RMS Dual 2-Ohm XV3 Series Subwoofer

Xmax = 30mm one-way by 70% BL
RMS Power = 2000-watts

T/S SPECS X V.3 18″ D2

RE (Ohms) 3.2
FS (Hz) 28.207
VAS (L) 109.935
Qes 0.657
Qms 3.091
Qts 0.542
Le (mH)
BL (NA) 20.854
Mms (Grams) 504.115
Cms (uM/N) 63.154

Weight: 62LB

Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 87.6dB

Voice Coil Configuration: Dual 1 ohm

Enclosure Recommendations:

    • Sealed: N/A
    • Ported: 7.00 ft^3
    • Displacement: 0.23 ft^3
    • Depth: 10.25"
    • Outside Diameter: 18.42"
    • Cut-Out: 16.69"
    • Recommended Tuning: 32hz
    • Recommended Port Area: 112 in^2

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