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Why Shop at WoofersEtc?

The WoofersEtc online catalog now boasts over 100 of the world's highest quality and most popular brands. Over 5,000 products are currently available for purchase, many of which are hard to find, high end products. In fact, not a single company on planet Earth carries a wider variety of car audio under one roof!

The latest and most up-to date multilayer SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology is employed to ensure that from the moment you first visit our web site, to the final stage of checkout, your personal information is kept safe.

You can rest assured that the personal information gathered during your order process will be kept private. Your name, phone number, email and mailing address will only be used to fulfill your order. WoofersEtc. will never sell or release any of your information to 3rd party companies.

The more we sell, the more you save. Bulk buying on our end, in addition to extremely low markup, make it possible to sell wholesale directly to the consumer. To sweeten the deal, purchases shipping to any of the 49 states (outside of CA) pay no sales tax. The website's "flat rate" shipping policy is also a unique perk for those ordering multiple products. Unlike many competing web sites which charge shipping per item, or a marked up shipping price based on the total weight of a consumer's order, WoofersEtc's shopping cart will charge a one time, flat rate between $9.99 to $29.99 based on the total value of the order. Essentially, the larger your order, the more you'll save on shipping.

Not only is WoofersEtc. a member of the Better Business Bureau. boasts an A+ rating! The highest possible rating that the Bureau can award to a company. In order to achieve an A+ rating, a company must provide the absolute best service to it's customers, without a single unresolved complaint.

A highly trained staff is available to answer almost any question. From simple billing or shipping inquiries, to technical support on the most detailed of the 5000 available products, a WoofersEtc. staff member will always be there to assist.

Service with a Smile
It may seem like a small point to emphasize, but there is a difference between service, and friendly service. operators are always happy to answer your questions and satisfy your inquiries.

Currently, 85% of orders placed with will ship within 24 hours, 95% within 48 hours.  Shipping is immediately followed with an email containing delivery and tracking information.

Peace of Mind
Every single product you purchase from WoofersEtc includes the comfort which can only be achieved with a full 1 year warranty. Regardless of the brand or product, the company's 1 year "in-house" warranty stands behind every single brand new product you can purchase.