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EX-30 - CDT Audio Adjustable 3-Way Passive Crossover

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Special Price $99.99

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EX-30 - CDT Audio Adjustable 3-Way Passive Crossover

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Finally, we have created a compact economical solution to installation of a front-mounted 3- way system for the general market.

This crossover module offers interactive crossover to and adjustability of the mid-range and tweeter and a high-tech elliptic filter to crossover the tweeter. New and unprecedented functionality in this unit is highlighted by the superiority of the midrange level setting.

Designed to produce a crossover to the midrange around 250 Hz with a seven-inch woofer and four-inch midrange in a typical installation, this crossover produces amazing results with ease in a minimal occupied space.

The proprietary series connected tapped inductor maintains damping to the midrange and woofer on all levels and interacts to vary the crossover Q. As the midrange level is reduced, the crossover Q to both drivers is parametrically altered to automatically produce an optimal crossover to both drivers at all selected levels.

The midrange is allowed to crossover to the tweeter based on its natural character. This minimalist approach will produce the best sound in most installations. Choose the mounting position and select the drivers to accommodate your vehicle and to facilitate a natural sound. A very small, extended range speaker can also be selected to augment the tweeter response especially if a high mounting position is chosen for the tweeter. Tweeter crossover is accomplished with a fast fifth-order elliptic that brings in the tweeter quickly and invisibly to complement a broad variety tweeters and midrange drivers in most locations. Crossover will typically be achieved around 5 kHz depending on driver selection and relative mounting position. Extended-range midrange speakers can raise the crossover to produce a blend up to 10 kHz typically.

Three-way configurations will create an installation that gives the smoothest midrange, the most flexibility in mounting the drivers for a smooth blend and finally gives the best bass impact. Midrange drivers, because they are small and require minimal enclosure volume, can usually be located conveniently close to the tweeter.

Installation of this unit is totally straightforward and trouble-free. EX-30DT Terminals are clearly marked with the designated connections and polarity. Level setting switches are clearly marked and each offers 3 positions. Start with all the level settings to high. All tone controls are set to flat. With a vocal recording try reducing the midrange level for a natural sound. Next with a recording that includes cymbals set the tweeter level for a natural top-end.

EX-30 - CDT Audio 3-Way Crossover

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