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Satnet 450 - CDT Audio 2 Way Crossovers

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Special Price $69.99

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Satnet 450 - CDT Audio  2 Way Crossovers

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The basic two-way crossover is composed of a 5th order elliptic high pass network for the tweeter and first order butterworth for the woofer. Three tweeter levels are selectable. Tweeter protection is provided. Crossover takes place at 4.3kHz.

The passive crossover has a very important job in the component speaker system. It needs to divide the duties of precise musical reproduction to the appropriate speakers without introducing any phase shifts or distortion into the music.

Engineering a perfect complement to the highly acclaimed High Definition drivers was an equally challenging task taking months of research with both laboratory and real-time listening testing. The "Phase Perfect" crossovers, called SatNet, are an engineering breakthrough for car audio. They use a very ingeniously designed fifth order, elliptic type network that creates very distinct advantages over conventional "Butterworth" or "Linkwitz-Riley" passive filter topologies. This crossover topology is so unique that this is the VERY FIRST TIME it has ever been used commercially in a car audio application.

Rather than try to use some commercially available "me too" crossover design that blends speakers about as well as trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, we chose to step ahead in crossover design. You won't find this design in any other car audio component speaker system, period. Technically speaking, the SatNet crossover design is a fourth order/24 dB per octave design supplemented by a series first order/6 dB per octave on the front end.

The unique combination of the two creates a virtual 10th order or 60 dB per octave crossover where the critical crossover point between the mid and tweeter is.

The benefits of the design are many. First, the power transition between midrange and tweeter is virtually identical. Phase response problems and polarity shifts are almost entirely eliminated. That makes for a much more natural sounding component system, as if it were that one perfect speaker. The steep roll off of the SatNet crossover also means more power handling for the tweeter and less chance for damage from low frequencies. This means you have less chance of blowing up the tweeters when turning up the volume.

Satnet-450 - CDT Audio Satnet450 2 Way Crossovers

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