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ADMW 10 - Morel 10" Add-on Mid-woofer Kit

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Special Price $569.99

Retail: $629.00

ADMW 10 - Morel 10" Add-on Mid-woofer Kit

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The ADMW SW subwoofers were offer a perfect combination of power handling, deep bass and ease of installation for those who need musical but yet dynamic bass in their cars.

The ADMW SW employ Morel's Hybrid magnet motor system, manufactured exclusively by morel, which combines two types of magnets, neodymium and ferrite, to create a motor of tremendous power, while retaining its compact size. By using a large 3" diameter Hexatech aluminum voice coil to support a large area of the DPC shallow cone, the profile of the woofer remains low and cone breakup distortion at high level is prevented.

The ADMW SW is rear vented making use of Morel's advance C.A.R (Controlled Acoustic Resistance) filter that improved the acoustical by controlling the cone movement, thus, making it ideal for free-air installations.

  • Overall Dimensions 263mm(1.35")
  • Mounting Depth 74mm (2.91")
  • Mounting Cutout 230mm (9.05")
  • Nominal Power Handling 200 W
  • Transient Power 10ms 1000 W
  • Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity 1W / 1M 89 dB
  • Frequency Response 20-2500Hz
  • Resonance Frequency 41Hz

    Voice Coil
  • Voice Coil Diameter 75mm (3")
  • Voice Coil Height 14.5mm(0.57")
  • Voice Coil Former Aluminum
  • Voice Coil Wire Hexatech Aluminum
  • DC Resistance 3.8 Ohm
  • Voice Coil Inductance @1kHz 0.49 MH

    Magnet System
  • Magnet System Type Double magnet rear vented
  • HE-Magnetic Gap Height 6mm (025")
  • B-Flux Density 0.65 T
  • BL Product/BXL 5.05
  • Max. Linear Excursion/Xmax 8.5mm (±4.25mm)

    Operational Parameters
  • Suspension Compliance CMS 1496
  • Mechanical Q Factor QMS 1.90
  • Electrical Q Factor QES 1.47
  • Total Q Factor Q/T 0.83
  • Mechanical Resistance RMS 5.18kgS¹
  • Moving Mass MMS 38.00gr
  • Equivalent Car Air Load VAS 56.00L (1.96ft³)
  • Cone / Dome Type One-piece formed
  • Cone / Dome Material DPC
  • Effective Pison Area SD 324cm² (50.22in²)
  • Net Weight 1.47kg (3.24lb)

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