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VVX-8 D2 - Skar Audio 8" Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer

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Special Price $109.99

Retail: $199.99

VVX-8 D2 - Skar Audio 8" Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer

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The SKAR VVX-8 Subwoofer was designed in line with the rest of the VVX Series to be a low end monster! The VVX-8 is a 400 Watt RMS Driver that features a 2" High Quality Voice Coil as well as a Tripple Stack Magnet. These subwoofers are designed to fit in smaller places then you might be able to fit a 10" or 12" VVX while still being able to provide some serious output! The VVX-8 Features a custom tooled frame for max linear excursion and works well in both ported and sealed enclosures.

Unique Cooling System
This Subwoofer has a unique voice coil air flow system with no vent flaring on the back plate. Instead, we designed a system in which the top of pole has an enormous flare and the coil former has vent holes. This creates a nice flow patern through the holes and out the pole (vent). This allows less machining when making the sub and works very well! That system combined with a chrome finish allows for a much prettier finish then most driver's!

Progressive Suspension
The VVX-8 has a progressive suspension to help prevent mechanical damages. This includes a triple joint re-enforcement ring to hold this joint strongly together at pretty much any power level you throw at them!

The VVX-8 Is a great daily driver and will work well in both sealed and vented enclosures. This driver was designed to perform well in both sealed and ported enclosures. It is a 400 Watt RMS driver and requires little space for some serious bass! This is easily one of the most powerful 8" subwoofers on the market today.

Cutout Diameter: 7-3/8"
Mounting Depth: 5.5"
Displacement: 0.13 Ft^3

Fms: 45.2 Hz
Res: 45.6
Re: 4.0 Ohms
Qms: 4.80
Qes: 0.75
Qts: 0.65
Rms: 7.1 Kg/s
Cms: 0.10 mm/N
Mms: 120.0 gr
Nref: 0.07%
Bl: 13.5 N/A
SPL: 80.4 dB
VAS: 5.8 L
Rp: 23.9
Lp: 20.0 mH
Cp: 926.4 uF
Le: 2.78 mH
RMS: 400 Watts

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