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MB Quart-QSE-216 Q Series 6.5 Inch 170w RMS Two Way Component Speaker System

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Special Price $999.99

Retail: $1,499.99

MB Quart-QSE-216 Q Series 6.5 Inch 170w RMS Two Way Component Speaker System

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Made in Germany



Compatible Vehicle Fitment



1" military A spec titanium dome tweeter with butyl rubber surround in a cast-aluminum housing, specially made to dissipate heat for peak performance. Stamped in a 9-step progressive die which give the overall form a consistent shape. The phase lens is specifically designed for off axis performance.

Cone Material

Lightweight mica filled poly blend for strength, superior frequency reproduction, and durability. This means that midbass frequencies remain very musical without the distortions that can be caused by the cone flexing. With the curvilinear design the geometry is specifically engineered for best midbass response and off axis performance.

Surround / Cone Coupling

Natural butyl rubber surround for smooth and durable performance. Flexible piston action UV protected rubber which will be impervious to temperature swings of very warm and very cold.

Voice Coil / Former Assembly

1.5" high temperature copper voice on Kapton former. The former is lighter and strong than aluminium which allows the component to support slightly higher frequency extension and efficiency.


Woven fiber cotton poly blend spider to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.

Cooling System

The Q Series use Balanced Temperature Technology (BTT) throughout every component in this speaker system. The cast aluminum radial sink speaker frame, crossover plate, and tweeter frame removes excess heat for predictable long-term performance.

External Component Crossover

Q Series QSE component (2-way) system feature an external audiophile Q Control crossover network which guides the frequencies from the amplifier to each driver (speaker). This system is designed with tight tolerance components with "low loss" Polypropylene Film caps and air wound coils for superb sound quality. 1% high tolerance metal film resistors which reduces phase shift for better staging and imaging.

Tweeter Hardware

Hardware for multiple tweeter mounting solutions are included.


Diecast aluminum basket is designed to be lightweight and extremely rigid. The low-profile form can be easily installed in most factory locations with little or no modification.


Solid neodymium magnet in a low carbon steel containment cup. This is the strongest magnet that can be used and focuses all the energy around the voice coil.


Gold plated 4-way connection terminal that is opposite mounted for consistent curvilinear cone performance. Connection types include solder, screw-down, spade or fork terminal.




Flush-mount ring brack and holes accommodate OEM and custom installations for the midrange. Flush, flushed angle, and surface mounting options for the tweeter. There are four holes in the base of the crossover to allowing mounting on any flat surface.

Additional Features

Q Series audiophile in-ear studio monitors are included to bring the Q listening experience on the go. 3.5mm connection with adapters for both USB-C and Lightning connection.

Speaker RMS Power Handling (watts)


Speaker Peak Power Handling (watts)


Speaker Impedance (ohms)


Speaker Frequency Response


Speaker Sensitivity


Speaker Crossover Slope


Speaker Height (in)


Speaker Width (in)


Speaker Mounting Diameter / Cut Out (in)


Speaker Outside Diameter (in)


Speaker Mounting Depth / Chassis Depth (in)


Speaker Size (in)


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