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DC Audio LV5 M5 ELITE 12 D2 12" 3000W RMS Dual 2-Ohm Subwoofer

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Special Price $959.99

Retail: $1,295.99

DC Audio LV5 M5 ELITE 12 D2 12" 3000W RMS Dual 2-Ohm Subwoofer

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Here it is, the m5 Elite version of the Lv5 subwoofer! Built for ground pounding and taking abuse in or out of the competition lanes.

When we went to the drawing board with this one we were looking to make improvements in cooling, motor force and soft parts.

The end result is a sub that works great in the SPL lanes as well as Pounding out the LOWS!!

To really step it up with this driver take a look at the Carbon Fiber options available for it.

Key Features:

  • Extremely strong kraft pulp fiber reinforced cone
  • Wide Long Throw foam surround
  • Dome propylene dust cover with White DC logo
  • 10” OD Spaced Spiders
  • Extra heavy duty sewn tinsel lead wire
  • Cast DC Series aluminum black frame 15”/18”
  • FEA analyzed and optimized motor assembly – Fully CNC machined
  • Rubber mounting gasket
  • Direct Leads
  • DVC 3.5” 8 Layer Hi-temp Aluminum voice coil wound on a Black Anodized Aluminum voice coil former with high current input strips.
  • VC Diameter: 3.5"
  • Magnet weight: 79.5 lbs.

T/S Parameters:

  • Nominal Impedance (Znom): Dual 2 ohm
  • Effective Piston Area (Sd): 494 cm²
  • Equivalent Compliance (Vas): TBA
  • Mechanical Compliance (Cms): TBA
  • Mechanical Mass (Mms): TBA
  • Resonance Frequency (Fs): TBA
  • Force Factor (BL): TBA
  • DC Resistance (Re): TBA
  • Voice Coil Inductance (Le): TBA
  • Mechanical Q Value (Qms): TBA
  • Electrical Q Value (Qes): TBA
  • Total Speaker Q Value (Qts): TBA
  • One-Way, Linear Excursion (Xmax): TBA
  • Efficiency (Ref SPL @ 1W): TBA

Box Enclosure Specifications:

  • Top-mount depth: 10.5"
  • Mounting hole diameter: 11.15"
  • Outside driver diameter: 12.5"
  • Suggested Sealed Enclosure: N/A
  • Suggested Ported Enclosure: 1.5 ft³
  • Displacement: 0.19 ft³
Voice Coil Diameter in 3.5
Power Handling RMS 3000W
Peak 6000W
Magnet Weight lbs 79.5
Sealed Enclosure Suggestion cu. ft. N/A
Ported Enclosure Suggestion cu. ft. 1.5
Displacement cu. ft. 0.19
Mounting Depth in 10.5
Mounting Hole Diameter in 11.15
Outside Driver Diameter in 12.5
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