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Precision Power- AS.65C2 6.5" Atom Component Speakers

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Special Price $159.99

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Precision Power- AS.65C2  6.5" Atom Component Speakers

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Features & Specifications:



    • PA66+GF30 Injection Molded Frame
      Polyamide 66 is a semi-crystalline polymer material with good rigidity, hardness, abrasion resistance, and dimensional thermal stability. Also, PA66 has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties. It also has perfect temperature, chemical, and impact properties. When 30% glass fiber is added, PA66 demonstrates outstanding mechanical properties, higher strength, rigidity, and dimensional stability. Compared to unreinforced PA66, this glass-filled modification’s properties make this material suitable for use in parts exposed to high static loads over extended periods in extreme temperature conditions.

      Polypropylene Coated Pressed Paper Cone
      Audiophiles & enthusiasts will agree, pulp paper speaker cones generate the most natural sound. Comparatively, lower-cost polymer-based cones produce a harsher sound quality but have an advantage of higher SPL. ATOM coaxial speakers’ cones combine these two advantages, resulting in premium sound & efficiencies hybrid performance characteristics.

      Tetoron® Fabric Dome Tweeter
      The Teteron dome tweeter is a durable polyester & rayon synthetic material formed into its dome shape. Specially contoured to reduce distortion, the Teteron® dome tweeter fits into a custom-designed bezel which amplifies and optimizes the tweeter’s dispersion patterns. Coupled to a low mass 1” voice coil on a Kapton® former & a built-in 6dB high-pass crossover yield power handling, frequency response & efficiency to blend coherently with the speaker cone body.

      1.25” Voice Coil on Kapton® Former
      Select Atom coaxial speakers to include a 1.25” 100% Oxygen-Free Copper voice coil for increased power handling. All Atom speaker voice coils are wound on Kapton®, a polymer material known for its extensive range of temperature stability and electrical isolation abilities. Additionally, Kapton® has significantly less mass than alternative materials, increasing overall speaker efficiency. The larger diameter voice coil geometry also helps to maintain the moving diaphragms linearity.

    • Model / Specifications AS.65C2

      Size & Configurations – 6.5″ Components

      RMS / Max Power (Watts) – 60/120

      Frequency Response – 50Hz-20kHz

      Efficiency (1w/1m dB) – 88.6dB

      Tweeter Diameter/Size – 1.00″ (25MM)

      Woofer Mounting Depth – 2.50″ (64mm)

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