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IMXLN2C-5M - Monster Cable 2 Ch. 16 Ft. MicroXLN Interconnect

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Special Price $79.99

Retail: $119.99

IMXLN2C-5M - Monster Cable 2 Ch. 16 Ft. MicroXLN Interconnect

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Monster's revolutionary MicroXLN design packs high performance into the world's smallest, noise-free cable
The ultra-compact MicroXLN boasts more advanced technology than you'd get with a cable twice its size, including Monster's award-winning XLN construction.

The proprietary multiple gauge wire networks maximize all the bass that's hiding in the sub-channels, while unique helical windings minimize the loop area for maximum magnetic noise rejection. In fact, noise sensitivity is reduced by over 60dB compared to ordinary side-by-side coaxial interconnects.

Whatever your installation needs are MicroXLN is the perfect cable when space is tight
DoubleHelix (2-channel) Cables fit virtually anywhere. In fact, Balanced Micro XLN cable is the first mini high performance cable upon this emerging industry standard.

Miniature Stubby Turbine Design connector does more with less
Monster's PhonoLink Stubby connector is the smallest high performance car audio RCA connector. The patented Turbine straight-cut design improves contact surface area for an air-tight fit. Its mini size offers several installation advantages, including the ability to drill smaller holes and group densely packed interconnects easily so your car's aesthetic appeal remains intact. 24k gold contacts provide maximum signal transfer.

Let the good times roll with ultra-quiet, ulta-compact Monster MicroXLN car audio cables
You can have it all: a no-noise system that sounds as good as it looks. All you need is Monster's high performance MicroXLN Xtra Low Noise interconnect cables and, of course, the right tunes.

Monster Cable IMXLN2C5M Monster Cable IMXLN2C 5M 2 Ch. 5 Meter Micro XLN Interconnect

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