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SXW13 - Stinger XPRT 3-Gauge Uber-Flex Power Cable (Sold by the Foot)

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Special Price $1.99

Retail: $4.99

SXW13 - Stinger XPRT 3-Gauge Uber-Flex Power Cable (Sold by the Foot)

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Stinger Uber-Flex technology provides super-tight reverse-lay construction for the most copper per square inch of any Stinger wire to date. The result is maximum current transfer and flexibility with very little resistance.

The flat oval design of Stinger XPRT wire makes for easy installs. When laid flat, all of the wire is actually lower in height than standard 1/0 cable, allowing installers to perform space-saving runs to the most intricate systems. Despite the wire's massive power capabilities, these runs lay flatter and can make tighter turns than many 1/0 cables.

The wire's insulation is designed for optimal performance. Heat-, oil-, and chemical-resistant, the jacket protects the wire from the harshest automotive environments. Along with the flat oval design, the smooth matte finish of the jacket also enables the wire to slide more easily during installation.


Cable is priced and sold per foot, quantity ordered should specify number of feet desired. Please choose your choice of color in the price box above. To purchase more than one color, simply add the color to your shopping cart, then return and add the second color.

GAUGE: 3 Gauge
COLOR: Comes in two colors: Matte Clear (White) or Matte Gray

SXW-13 - Stinger XPRT 3ga Matte Clear Oval Über-Flex Power Cable (Sold by the Foot) SXW13C SXW13G

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