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10400 Black - HushMat 20 Sheets 12.1x23 39 SQ Ft Floor-Dash Mat

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Special Price $242.99

Retail: $309.99

10400 Black - HushMat 20 Sheets 12.1x23 39 SQ Ft Floor-Dash Mat

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HUSHMAT ULTRA Sound Deadening, Vibration Damping Material is formulated to eliminate the distortion caused by road, tire, engine and vibration and significanly improves sound quality when installed with car audio or car entertainment systems.   HushMat is the choice of audio installation professionals worldwide. Try HushMat with your next system purchase and enjoy the music!!
Ultra’s aluminum foil constraining layer and specially formulated, thin but dense, visco-elastic polymer sound deadener combine to reduce distorting vibration and noise over a wide temperature and sound frequency range.  HushMat Ultra, through its proprietary chemistry provides outstanding damping, not “dampening” performance for firewall, floor, doors, roof, hood, wheel wells and trunk floor & quarter panel application.   Click on our "How To" page above for detailed installation instructions.    Ultra is available in either Silver or Black foil finish.  Both colors provide you with the same outstanding performance.

  • Enjoy the cool and quiet ride with HushMat.
  • Increase the power of your amplifier by eliminating energy absorbing vibration.
  • Hear more Bass!
  • Experience more defined Mid-Range!
  • Lower the distortion caused by vibration and road noise.
  • Enjoy the 4X performance advantage over other brands.


  • HushMat Ultra requires no surface cleaning/ preparation or heat guns to install
  • NO surface prep - no alcohol or acetone wash needed
  • Easily forms and molds to contoured surfaces
  • No installation tools required
  • Self Adhesive peel and stick – no secondary glue
  • Trims with razor knife or household scissors
  • Installs in 1/2 the time versus other brands
  • Withstands temperatures from -30 degrees up to +400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in Silver or Black Foil


  • Floor / Dash Kit Contains (20) 12" x 23" Ultra Damping Pads - Black Foil
  • 39 sq. ft
  • 3.6 sq. m.
10400Black - HushMat 20 Sheets 12.1x23 39 SQ Ft Floor-Dash Mat  10400-Black

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