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19100 - Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit 4"x10"

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Special Price $11.99

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19100 - Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit 4"x10"

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Have you ever heard a car coming down the road with the stereo playing, but the loudest part of the car is the rear license plate? Not a good thing. License plate rattle is caused by vibrations passed to the license plate from the bass energy in the vehicle.


You can stop license plate rattle with the Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit. The kit includes a sheet of Dynamat Xtreme for the back of the license plate. Your installation is complete when you mount the Dynamat "I've Got Better Sound" License Plate Frame, with the four included neoprene strips.


  • (1) 4" x 10" (100mm x 254mm) piece of Dynamat Xtreme (Self-adhesive)
  • (4) Neoprene Foam Strips (Self-adhesive)
  • (1) Decorative License Plate Frame


Self-Adhesive: The rubber layer of Dynamat Xtreme is very sticky, so it comes with a peel-off paper liner. Once the paper liner is peeled from the rubber layer, Dynamat Xtreme can be adhered to your door panel.

Easy to Cut: The material cuts easily with scissors or a razor knife.

Installation Steps:

  • Clean mounting surface (bare metal or fiberglass)
  • Using a razor knife or scissors cut Dynamat Xtreme to the desired size
  • Remove the blue release liner from the back of the Dynamat Xtreme and apply to door
  • Apply pressure, working Dynamat Xtreme into the contours of the door panel
  • Work air out with a roller tool (eliminating air pockets will ensure lasting adhesion of the Dynamat Xtreme to the panel, giving you maximum damping effect)

19100 - Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit

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