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KW 4V8 - Rainbow Kraftwerk 4 Channel Pre-Amp

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KW 4V8 - Rainbow Kraftwerk 4 Channel Pre-Amp

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Specialists developed and tested the new amplifier program of the AUDIOKRAFTWERK series for enthusiastic car hifi freaks. The digital technics allows the step ahead and makes the in car sound to a perfect delight. High and fast impulse peaks will be transferred distortions free and true to original to the loudspeakers. Integrated active crossovers make the AUDIOKRAFTWERK amplifiers to a universal all-rounder and offer for every purpose the right individual adjustments. Switching power supplies and amplifier circuits of the latest generation guarantee enormous power reserves and linear frequency response without annoying distortions.

As a matter of course all amplifiers of the AUDIOKRAFTWERK series passed the required European E-certification for a legal and safe operation in your vehicle. The E-certification assures that the amplifiers of the AUDIOKRAFTWERK series do not disturb the onboard electronic and security relevant equipments of your vehicle as well as can not be disturbed by other E-certificated devices.

  • 4 channel preamplifier
  • Frequency response: 10 cycles per second - 50 kHz
  • Signal signal-to-noise ratio: < -85 dBA
  • Distortion factor: < 0.05 @ 1W/4 ohms
  • Input voltage: 11 V - 16 V
  • Integrated 4-channel High level adapter for direct connection at car radio
  • Input sensitivity 0.4 ~ 4V/0.4 ~ 8V switchable
  • Reinforcement preparation with very small intoxication portion.
  • Output voltage 5.5 V " Mono switch for Subwoofer enterprise
  • 24 railways high-pass filter of 15 cycles per second - 5 kHz (FRONT)
  • 24 railways high-pass filter of 15 cycles per second - 500 cycles per second (REAR)
  • 24 railways low-pass filter of 50 cycles per second - 5 kHz (REAR)
  • 24 railways band-pass filter filter for REAR possible
  • Stepless phase shifter 0 to 180 (REAR)
  • Level and phase over remote maintenance with 5m cable adjustably (REAR)
  • Signal Clipping announcement for front and Rear channel
  • Stereo output for subsequent amplifiers
  • Soft start remote Muting for the suppression of the switching on points.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 196 x 152 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 0.56 kg

    KW-4V8 - Rainbow Kraftwerk 4 Channel Pre-Amp KW4V8 KW 4V8

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