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X100.2 - Phoenix Gold 2-Channel 250W RMS Xenon Series Amplifier

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Special Price $99.99

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X100.2 - Phoenix Gold 2-Channel 250W RMS Xenon Series Amplifier

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  • This is a classic model Phoenix Gold amplifier produced in the mid 2000's.  Fans of the brand will remember the Xenon series as PG's answer to JL's "Slash" series.
  • variable thermal feedback controlled fans
  • 24dB Linkwitz-Riley low pass and subsonic filter
  • optimized for any impedance load
  • Tried and true triple Darlington output stage
  • Buffered RCA full range thru output
  • Remote Monitoring Display (RMD) port
  • Low Pass Level control ready (LPL-44)
  • 125 Watts RMS X 2 Actual Tested Power @ 14.35V
  • 250 Watts RMS X 1 Actual Tested Power @ 14.35V
  • 100 Watts RMS x 2 (4-1 ohm stereo) CEA Rating
  • 200 Watts RMS x 1 (8-2 ohm bridged) CEA Rating
  • CEA-2006 approved
  • Dimensions: 14L x 10.6W x 2.5H

All of the Xe.Tune" controls for the crossovers, sensitivity, and bass boost are located on the top of the amplifier.All crossovers are ultra precise Linkwitz- Riley 24dB per octave and a separate high and low pass filter is available for each set of channels. This means that any standalone Xenon amplifier can be set to bandpass by turning both crossovers on. This feature is rarely available on any other amplifier on the market today. All crossover frequency potentiometers have 41 detents or clicks so the end user can set the exact crossover frequency desired. For example, turn the potentiometer 12 clicks for exactly 85Hz. No more turning the potentiometer and guessing where your crossover points are. Full Range Auxiliary Outputs, LPL and RMD Ports come standard on all units.

Power Outputut:
All Xenon amplifiers are rated according to the new CEA-2006 standard which is identical to how we have always rated all Phoenix Gold amplifiers. For example the X100.2 will make a MINIMUM of 200 watts with less than 1% THD @ 14.4 Volts from 1 to 4 ohm. Each Xenon amplifier comes with its own birth certificate that will meet or exceed the printed specifications. Xenon amplifiers are designed to handle extreme abuse and drive almost any load. With Xe.Load " technology its very easy to choose what speakers to wire to the amplifier to get maximum power from the amplifier. It doesn't matter whether its a 1, 2, 3 or 4 ohm load. A Xenon amplifier automatically senses the load from 1 to 4 ohm and drives it with full power every time. This makes life simple for the end customer and guarantees you will always receive full power regardless of the load.

Circuit Topology:
The Xenon series two and four channel models use the legendary Triple Darlington output stage. This is same circuitry found in the classic MS, M, ZPA, ZX, and Titanium amplifiers.This topology is not cheap.This is why you rarely see any car amplifiers and only high end home amplifiers using this circuitry.This provides the ultimate in sound fidelity, headroom, reliability and can drive difficult loads without problems. The Triple Darlington output stage has three levels of amplification that ramp up the energy to the speaker load. The first sub-stage is the pre-drivers, which get their signal from the voltage gain stage and increase the available current in it or "stiffen" the signal. This stiffened signal is then fed to the driver transistors where it is stiffened even more. Finally, the output of the driver transistors is fed into the output transistors where it is stiffened substantially; enough to drive the speaker load wired to the amplifier.

Cooling System:
Phoenix Gold engineers have completely re-engineered the way amplifiers are thermally monitored with unique Xe.Flow" technology. First, they added nearly 5 times the mass of heat sink relative to the very successful TCCH system used in the Titanium amplifiers. They also have bolted the transistors to the major heatsink, with minor extruded heatsink clamp down bars. This allows the transistor to have a heatsink on both sides of the device. Additionally, every model has a variable speed fan located in the center of the amplifier for even more thermal dissipation.The combination of improved mass and the ability to move hot air out of the amplifier make it nearly impossible for them to engage their thermal protection.

PG's competitor's amplifiers use a basic thermal protection that simply shuts the amplifier off when the heatsink reaches 90 degrees C. With the Xe.Flow technology the temperature of the amplifier is con- stantly monitored and its operation is optimized according to the temperature of the amplifier. For example, in the VERY RARE case that a Xenon amplifier begins to reach an unsafe temperature, the amplifier slowly reoptimizes the output of the amplifier. This adjustment in volume is very slight and the end user will most likely never hear it (less than 2dB), this puts the amplifier in an operating range that allows the amplifier to continue to play.The amplifier will monitor its own temperature and adjust its power output, so it will continue to play even on those hot days in the trunk in Texas.

Phoenix Gold has always been know for delivering more than what the customer expects.The Xenon line is no different, they have nearly double the number of output devices relative to the Titanium series. For example, the ultra reliable Ti600.2 was a 600 watt amplifier that used 8 output devices.  Xenon taken that a step further with the X600.1, a 600 watt amplifier, that uses 16 of output devices! This coupled with an excessive amount of bussbars, low ESR capacitors, Xe.Load and Xe.Flow technology make these amplifiers impossible to shut down at almost any load.

Sound Quality:
During the electrical design process, some of the finest parts were chosen to achieve the finest sound quality customers expect from a Phoenix Gold amplifier. Multiple small capacitors are located throughout the PCB layout. By using multiple smaller capacitors in parallel, this lowers the effective ESR of the circuit, (This is the same concept as if you were to parallel multiple subwoofers to achieve a lower impedance.) Since multiple small caps will have a lower ESR this will make them able to deliver energy much quicker than a few large caps. The end result is tighter, more accurate, and dynamic bass. The output stage on the two and four channel models are loaded with audiophile 150 Volt 15 amp Sanken output transistors. Sanken output transistors are used due to their high level of specification and amazing band- width of 60MHz. Each model of the amplifier design is critically listened to and evaluated by Phoenix Gold Engineering and Product staff for hours to ensure the sound quality is as close as possible to their in house master reference audio system.

Exotic sports cars were used for styling inspiration. The aluminum top is a custom tooled stamped, grained, and anodized case, the two intake vents are located on top of the case allow the variable speed cooling fan(s) to push cool air through the heatsink and exhaust out the side endcaps. The end caps are not removable and are made of a proprietary rubber, unlike any other amplifier on the market today. Using the same proprietary rubber, four large rubber grom- mets hide all mounting and terminal connections for the ultimate in stealth installation. The extruded heat sink resides inside the bottom of the amplifier. In the center of the amplifier is a 5mm ultra bright blue LED in a custom tooled headlight bezel which compliments the Xenon trademark.

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5 stars
by Joe on 3/18/2015
Very nice sounding amp with plenty of power. I am very happy with this amp especially for the price I paid.
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