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Arc Audio MOTO602-HD 6.5" 125W RMS 2-Way Motorcycle Coaxial Speakers with HLCD

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Special Price $429.99

Retail: $479.99

Arc Audio MOTO602-HD 6.5" 125W RMS 2-Way Motorcycle Coaxial Speakers with HLCD

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he new ARC Audio MOTO602HD is the speaker set of choice for motorcycle and power sports clients that are looking for the most output possible from their audio systems. Designed to offer jaw-dropping efficiency, the new MOTO602HD delivers more output per watt than our amazing MOTO602V2 speakers and almost twice as much as competing products.

The new MOTO602HD speakers are designed from the ground up to make your clients’ H-D audio system sound crystal clear, even when traveling at 65+ miles an hour. The speakers feature carbon fiber reinforced ABS baskets that are a direct bolt-in replacement for 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide applications. These speakers fit in the stock locations with no modifications. The ARC Audio transducer engineering team has optimized the performance of the woofers to work flawlessly with the compact speaker enclosures found on these motorcycles or in marine tower-speaker enclosures. Easy-to-use gold-plated 0.11 and 0.25-inch spade terminals on the side of the speaker baskets make installation quick and reliable.

The woofer features an over-sized 1.25-inch heat-resistant Kapton former and an all-copper voice coil winding for impressive power handling. The outer edge of the woofer cone attaches to the basket with a double-roll low-loss spider to ensure amazing clarity at high drive levels while offering clearance for the factory speaker grill on the newer HD motorcycles.

As with all Moto-Series speakers, ARC Audio includes a secondary spider at the base of the woofer cone. This spider seals the prevents water from infiltrating the voice coil gap to ensure reliable operation even when it’s pouring rain (But not going to go as far as saying using a hose directly on the speaker). Along the same lines, the cone materials, surrounds and finishes have passed extensive UV exposure testing to ensure these speakers will look and sound amazing for years to come. The coaxially-located horn-loaded tweeter design offers amazing efficiency and clarity from its titanium dome design. The tweeter is located deep within the magnet and the proprietary design of the horn offers a dramatic increase in system efficiency and optimized directivity to ensure the rider can hear everything clearly.

After you audition the new ARC Audio MOTO602HD 6.5-inch coaxial speaker set the only thing you will be wanting to do is schedule the installation.


  • High-Performance 2-Way Motorcycle Horn Loaded Coaxial Loudspeaker
  • Sold In Complete Pairs Only
  • High-Performance, High-Output Design That Retains Sound Quality And Dynamic Properties Even At Extended Listening Levels
  • Heavy-Duty Fiber Reinforced Light Weight ABS basket
  • 1.25" Hi-Temp Precision Wound Voice Coil Increases Durability And Power Handling For Extended Hi-Demand Listening Periods
  • Environmental Treatments On All Components To Combat The Open Environment On Your Motorcycle
  • Low Shore Poly-Butyl Surround For A Balanced And Linear Sound And Both Low And High-Listening Levels
  • Treated Progressive NOMEX Spider Allows For Improved Mid-Bass Response And Greater Control During High-Demand Periods
  • Integrated Horn Loaded Compression Driver Give Users High Output Volume Levels with an Edge that Keeps Them Rocking Even At High Cruising Speeds
  • Weather Resistant and Water Resistant HLCD Pole design Eliminates The Possibility Of Dirt Water Entering The Speakers Motor Assembly Thru The Face Of The Speaker
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Ultra-Lite Weight Poly Cone Improves Efficiency and rigidity for High Output Listening Periods and Long Term Reliability


  • 6.5" Coaxial Speakers with HLCD
  • Weather Resistant Design
  • Power Handling:
    • 250W Peak
    • 125W RMS
  • Tweeter Type: HLCD
  • HLCD Material: Titanium Film
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz - 20kHz
  • Impedance: 4-Ohms
  • Mounting Depth: 2-5/8"
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