SB-H-CRV/10W3v3 - JL Audio Honda CR-V 2007-Up Hatch Corner Enclosure

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SB-H-CRV/10W3v3 - JL Audio Honda CR-V '07-Up Hatch Corner Enclosure
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The CR-V's combination of style and capability has placed it on top of the sales charts, proving that Honda has its fingers on the pulse of the market. It's too bad the audio system lacks a pulse, though...

To address this shortcoming, we engineered a compact Stealthbox solution that tucks into the corner of the hatch area, while still leaving plenty of room for all the stuff you want to carry. Inside the Stealthbox is a powerful 10-inch driver that fills the CR-V's cabin with smooth, powerful bass and is ready to serve as the centerpiece of a truly outstanding audio system.

Contains one 10W3v3-4 subwoofer in a sealed enclosure. 500 Watt power handling. Wired for 4 ohm mono. Installs against passenger-side wheel well. Stealthbox includes a black, steel-mesh grille to protect the driver. Optional Cargo Tray will not fit with Stealthbox installed.

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SB-H-CRV/10W3v3 - JL Audio Honda CR-V '07-Up Hatch Corner Enclosure SB-H-CRV 10W3v3

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